Planned Preventative Maintenance for Doors Shutters & Gates

Entec can offer PPM maintenance contracts for ALL doors shutters and gates no matter who originally manufactured or installed them. Checks are carried out twice per year in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. This includes one maintenance / lubrication inspection and one safety check.

We aim to provide an efficient, safe & cost effective service to our customers and their sites.

We operate at all times to strict codes of practice with Health & Safety at the forefront of everything we do. As with all electro-mechanical equipment preventative maintenance to automatic door operators & shutters will ensure regulation compliance & longevity of life and continued service of your capital investments.

Our PPM maintenance programme will include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Clean circuitry
  • Testing of safety devices
  • Adjustment of hinges or hardware where necessary
  • Re alignment of leaves
  • Check all welds
  • Test over rides
  • Report findings

At all times we will make recommendations to upgrade any safety devices signage and lighting where necessary.  View Regulations and Compliance

Five Good Reasons to maintain your equipment.

  1. In most instances its a legal requirement.
  2. It prevents accidents
  3. Its good business to safeguard your employees & customers
  4. It will save you money in the long run.
  5. Any equipment under a service contract receives a 20% discount on repairs.

Service Contract levels we offer

Annual (One service visit in each 12 month period ) Ideal for low usage openings with less than 10 operations per day. £180 per asset per year invoiced on completion.

Bi-annual (Two service visits in each 12 month period usually at 6 month intervals ) Recommended for medium usage openings 10 – 50 operations per day. £300 per asset per year made payable after first visit is completed.

Quarterly (Four service visits in each 12 month period usually every 3 months ) Recommended for busy public locations with intensive usage & high traffic flows 50+ operations per day. £550 per asset per year payable after first visit is completed.

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