Gate/Industrial Door Safety and the Law

(Supply of machinery ( safety) regulations 2008 and EN standards EN 13241-1)
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Electric gates and industrial doors provide security and also enhance the look of many private properties but they are still classed as a piece of machinery. If not installed correctly by a professional the system has potential to cause serious harm.

The summer of 2010 saw the fatalities of two young children after becoming trapped in powered gates. These were two separate incidents but were the result of the same problem. They were trapped due to the fact that their presence at the closing edge was not detected and the closing force of the gate when obstructed was to high.

The main dangers are possible death or injury caused by crush, impact, drag or trap.

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All automated systems must have a risk assessment , methodology and equipment list to show how the risks are removed or significantly reduced and a statement of any residual risk.

The system is then to be given a unique reference number and an EC certificate of conformity and be CE marked with a suitable label on gates.

In order to provide a safe system of operation, the legal directives and standards must be applied.

The machinery directive is a legal requirement and must be compiled with to ensure the safety of users and members of the public who could gain access and to ensure that we ( S.A.A.) and our clients carry and are seen to have carried out our duties under law.

The health and safety executive (HSE) issued two safety notices in 2010 giving details on the risks and the protection method needed. The HSE now requires installers to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of hazards to anyone using the gates prior to design and installation and for the design to eliminate or considerably reduce and risks identified.

The HSE also requires that persons responsible for the management and maintenance of electric gates and industrial door systems should be provided with appropriate documentation, instructions for use and training to operate and maintain the gates/doors safely, and recommends that regular reviews of assessments should be undertaken to ensure the gates/doors are maintained in a safe condition.


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